REVIEW: “Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Clueless Gamer

Conan plays the latest “Call of Duty” and encounters his deadliest foe yet: a very busy public street.



Conan O’Brien Reviews “Grand Theft Auto V”

great review of GTA V

Gas Monkey Garage

Awesome show on Discovery channel ‘Fast n’ Loud’ about the Gas Monkey Garage. Their slogan is “Blood Sweat and Beers”.

A few of their projects:

Source: Facebook

diner time


photo by me

Ben Howard on Spotify

very nice music!






source photo: Wikipedia

such a sheep


…and you are such a sheep

this was used in tele2 ads


I just love these bikes, I hope I will be able to build my own someday.

love the mustache

the mustache made me do it..